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Loudspeaker Paging

    Distributed Amplified Analog Technology    One-Way Paging System                 Visual Notification Signs
               or IP Technology                or Talkback Intercom System             or Silent Bell Notifications

          Analog Paging

          What is Distributed Amplified Analog Technology?
          Designed specifically to take advantage of in-place wiring — each one-way
          paging speaker provides a built-in amplifier and volume control. These speakers are
          essentially independent public address systems that can be networked together
          using standard telephone/datacom low voltage wiring (CAT 5/6) that allows easy
          system configuration and flexible modification as customer needs change.

          Valcom offers significantly higher system efficiency and superior response
          by optimizing each amplifier/speaker combination. Utilizing high-efficiency
          American made speaker components eliminates transformer power losses.
          The net result is a reduction in cost, power dissipation and a dramatic increase
          in system efficiency and reliability due to the inherent system redundancy.

           Valcom’s Easy 1-2-3 System  Design

             Step 1 Select a Page Control
                        Page Controls are the "Brain" of the system and are
                        specifically designed for telephone system integration.
                        Systems are easily field expandable and/or upgradable
                        to allow for future adds, moves and changes.

             Step 2 Select Speakers & Horns

                        Speakers are generally used for interior environments and
                        provide high-quality music and voice reproduction.

                        Horn speakers offer high-efficiency, rugged construction
                        and superb voice quality. They're typically used outdoors
                        or in loud, industrial or harsh interior areas.

             Step 3 Select a Power Supply

                        Built-in power is often included in the page control so an
                        additional power supply may not be needed. The amount of
                        power required for a paging system is based on the quantity
                        and type of page control and speakers/horns selected.
                       Valcom Products are Assigned VPU (VPU)
                                          + #
                                                          - #
                       Products Either Provide              or Consume             Power
                       Specif ic details for determining power are on page 20.

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