Loudspeaker Paging Solutions - Healthcare

Network Centric Voice Solutions

Healthcare environments demand a solution that is flexible, cost effective, highly reliable and able to be self managed.  With a customizable graphical interface, software flexible zoning, IP centric connectivity, IP speakers with clocks, and software control for every aspect of the system,  Valcom is the leader in helping healthcare facilities improves their staff, patient, and visitor communication.

From small, single building facilities to large campus style hospitals, the requirements are the same: an effective overhead paging solution that quickly locates employees, informs visitors, and handles emergencies when seconds count.

Mass notification, live paging, pre-recorded announcements, scheduled announcements, emergency notification, calendar scheduling, primary and secondary command stations with built-in redundancy are all critical aspects of healthcare facilities.


  • Software Programmable Zoning
  • Graphical Interface
  • Browser Based
  • Plug and Play Speakers
  • Live and Pre-recorded Announcements
  • Scheduling of Events and Messages
  • Supervision and Logging
  • Multi-Campus IP Overhead Paging
  • Primary and Secondary Paging Stations
  • Remote Back Up and Restore
  • IP Distributed Zoning
  • Automatic Noise Sensing Volumes

Operating Rooms

  • IP Intercom Speakers
  • Push Button Notification
  • Automatic Launch of Emergencies
  • Supervised
  • Software Programmable
  • Room to Room or Group Messaging
  • Music integration
  • Hands-free Intercom

Parking & Entry Points

  • IP Vandal-Resistant Help Stations
  • Location Identification
  • Supervised
  • Utilized as Broadcast Speaker
  • Lock/Unlock Control
  • Custom Colors
  • Day/Night Modes

Every system is unique.  Please call to discuss your needs.