SMS/Text Messaging
  • SMS/Text MessagingProvides Notification to PDA’s, Smart Phones 
    & Cell Phones
  • Response Options
  • Also Works with your Existing Provider
Outbound Calling
  • Outbound CallingMultiple Calling Options
  • Response Options
  • Reporting
  • Integrates to Other Outbound Calling
    Service Providers
  • E-MailProvides Notification to PDA’s, Smart Phones,
    Tablets & Computers
  • Also Works with Your Existing Email Service
Smart Phone Client
  • iSmart Phone ClientPhone, Android, "& Blackberry Devices
  • Ad Hoc Messaging
  • Conference Bridge Capability
  • Send & Receive Messages at No Charge
Web Portals & Screen Pops
  • Provides Notification to PDA’s, Smart Phones & Cell Phones
  • Web Portals & Screen PopsEmergency Notification to Desktop
  • Instant Alert to Web Page
  • PC’s & Mac’s
  • Acknowledge Button Response Options
  • Works with Existing Providers
IP Phones- Emergency Voice Broadcast
  • Broadcast to the Speakers Even if Handset is in Use
  • Groups of Phones (Building, by Floor, by Area, etc.)
  • Outbound CallingAll Phones on Entire Campus
  • Automatic Maximum Volume Level
  • Covers Many Indoor Office Areas
  • Works with Most Major IP Phone Systems
IP Loudspeakers
  • IP LoudspeakersEasy to Install, PoE, Plug-n-Play
  • Full Software Control for Volumes, Zones Groups,
    Priority Levels, and Emergency Notification
  • Installs Quickly on Existing LAN/WAN
IP Emergency Telephones 
  • IP Emergency TelephonesIntegrates to SIP, IP & Analog Phone Systems
  • Programmable Location Identification
  • Built in Hands-Free Intercom Emergency Call-In
  • Transforms into an Emergency Notification End Point
  • Automatic Volume Levels for Call-In and Broadcast
  • Retro-Fit Options for Existing Code Blue,
    Talk-A-Phone, etc.
  • Powered Over Ethernet
PA Systems In and Around Buildings
  • PA Systems In and Around BuildingsExisting PA Systems
  • Giant Voice Systems
  • Fire Alarm Speakers
  • Valcom IP Speakers & Horns
  • Valcom IP Emergency Phones
  • Covers Most Major Traffic Areas
Visual Signs
  • Digital SignageInstant Visual Notification
  • Helps to Reinforce Audio Broadcast
  • Identical Visual & Voice Broadcast
  • Integrates to Other Digital Sign Brands
  • Enhances Indoor Notification
  • Effective in Alerting Hearing Impaired
Social Media
  • Social MediaProvides Emergency Alerts to Social Networks
  • Customizable
  • Automatic Redundant Alerts for Smart Phones or other Communication Devices
Two Way Radio Integration
  • Two-Way Radio IntegrationBroadcast Emergency Voice to Two-Way Radios
  • Text to Digital Radios
  • SIP Radio Broadcast
  • Mototurbo Motorola Text
  • Great for Alerting Emergency Responders