Add Tones Over Paging

Horn Ringers  


Loud Warble Horn -
  • Provides Warble Tone when Activated by 90 VAC Ringing or 18 VAC Buzzer Voltages
Loud Ringer Horn
  • Provides Interrupted Warble or Single Tone when Activated by a Dry Contact Closure (Interrupted orNon-Interrupted)
Ringers/Tone Generators

Ringers Tone Generators

Multi-Tone Generator
  • Provides two (2) selectable sets of eight (8 ) distinct tones activated by contact closure.  These include siren, whoop, warble, steady & burst tone, cascading chimes, dual chime, code call chime, telebell and more.
 6 Line Audible Ringer 
  •  Connects up to Six External Lines & Provides a Warble Tone Over Paging
C.O. Audible Ringer 
  • Provides Ring Over Page when Activated by 90 Vac Ring Voltage or 18 Vac Buzzer Voltage.
Code Call Unit
  •  For Security/Priority - A Tone May be Better than Voice