Valcom provides the highest quality talkback intercom and loudspeaker paging systems in the world.   With over 37 years of experience satisfying demanding communication requirements, Valcom understands the sophisticated needs of large businesses such as airports, hospitals, industrial facilities, medical facilities, confinement centers, warehouses and schools.

Our MultiPath™ Systems are installed in thousands of large facilities throughout the world.  For retrofits or new installations, Valcom MultiPath™ systems offer high quality internal communication and a multitude of features that are easily configured to suit the most advanced requirements.  

MultiPath™ Systems include user-friendly administration software that allows end users to easily manage their voice communication system daily, weekly, monthly, or annually over their LAN/WAN network. Most Valcom MultiPath™ systems can utilize Category 3/5/5e/6 telecom/datacom infrastructure -- resulting in cost saving installations and expansions, flexibility, and reliability.

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