PagePro™ SIP Paging Systems

PagePro IP
1 Zone of One-Way Analog Paging Plus 8 Zones of IP Paging......................VIP-201A
4 Zones of One-Way Analog Paging Plus 8 Zones of IP Paging....................VIP-204A

Valcom’s PagePro IP Gateways are SIP based paging servers designed for use with virtually all IP based telephone system. Both PagePro IP Gateways provide 8 zones of IP Paging, groups thereof and all call paging. The VIP-201 also provides 1 zone of One-Way Analog Paging while the VIP-204 provides 4 Zones of One-Way Analog Paging. Valcom PagePro IP Gateways can drive up to 65,000 IP speakers or 65,000 analog speakers or provide the audio source for legacy paging systems. Each unit can simultaneously drive any combination of these paging applications and forms the foundation of most paging projects. The 8 zones can be accessed individually or in flexible groups.