Instant Alerts

K-12 Schools

Valcom understands that without a trustworthy communication system, a school’s day-to-day routine can become disorderly. Our IP6000 solution works with your existing systems to modernize, synchronize and improve a school’s time, cost and emergency management. In addition to helping establish order, our solutions make information sharing, even across large geographical areas, not only possible, but simple.

Although daily operations are important, emergency notification is paramount. As threats occur, our systems can use easily adapt to quickly distribute and manage emergency messages.

Valcom’s IP6000 solution enables complete control of every system within your school district over existing network infrastructure. It is the first communication platform for K-12 that connects and controls everything. Our software-executed multi-tasking greatly reduces stress for school personnel and helps to future proof your every-day communications infrastructure.

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IP6000 Solution